Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Les Chats

Here are some polaroids I shot the other day.

All images were shot with a Hasselblad 500c- 120mm lens


Le Chat- Baudelaire

My beautiful cat, come onto my heart full of love ;
Sheathe the claws of your paw;
And let me plunge into your adorable eyes
Of metal and agate.

When my fingers lazily fondle
Your head and your elastic back,
And my hand gets drunk with the pleasure
Of feeling your electric body,

I see in spirit my personaly lady. Her Glance,
Like yours, dear creature,
Deep and cold, slits and splits like a dart,

And from her feet to her head,
A subtle atmosphere, a dangerous perfume,
Swims around her brown body.

Paisley- 669

Paisley- Fp100c

Beardsley- 669

Beardsley- 669

Beardsley- 669

Beardsley- Fp100c

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The Last Cigarette said...

Baudelaire and Polaroids of cats? Delightful!